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Hi im new

sorry for the geeky intro but...hey dont we all have one?
I live in New Zealand and we dont have our own version of adult swim, but we get the Australian version that only runs on friday and saturday and also has different shows...i think some of them are different anyway.

I love adult swim.
Especially sealab 2021, aqua teen hunger force evengelian, wboy bebop, trigun, tenchi muyo (which i havent heard any of you mention, did you have it?), mission hill (god i love the one where he looks after his friends, orphen, the brak sure there are more but oh well...

Heh my favorites out of them...if i had to pick one!, would have to be sealab 2021...damn i love that show...especially the one with the vending machine.
"what are you doing? making a necklace or something?!"
*enter robot with necklace*

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